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Heavy Duty Freight Lift

Heavy Duty Freight Lift


Application Industries Customized
Operating Height 25-30 Feet
Installation Provided Yes
AMC/After Sales Service Required
Warranty 12 Months
Drive Technology Geared Traction
Drive Type AC
Signalization Duplexing
Overloading Alarm Available
Door Style Automatic
Capacity 0.5- 10 Tons
Material Glass, Stainless Steel Cabins
Number of Floors 44 Floors
Capacity(Tons) 1 - 20 Tons

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 1 Piece(s)

Used extensively in factories and storage facilities for the movement of goods between floors. Two kinds of lifts are on offer – Drumwound machine based or traction machine based. The capacities available range from 250 Kgs to 10 Tons.

Goods and workers can be transported to any number of floors. The size of the lifts can be from 3’ x 2’ to as large as 12’ x 20’. Standard height of the cabin is 6’ 7½”. The lift can open on the opposite side also ( 2 side open cabin). 

Drumwound type without counterweight. This lift is simpler in design and suited for low cost installations. The movement of the lift is based on the coiling and uncoiling of a wire rope on a rotating drum. A unique feature of our drum design is the provision of two ropes coiling separately on a right hand thread groove and a left hand thread groove. This leads to lesser rope stress and longer life. These lifts are quicker to install and require lesser space.

Traction type with counterweight. This lift is a better machine designwise and also offers greater safety to the user. This is achieved first through the use of 3 or more independent wire ropes stretched across the main traction sheave. Second, there being no positive coupling between the lift and the machine leads to greater safety as a slip is permitted whenever there is an obstruction to the lift travel. Unlike in the drum wound design there is no overload on the motor in case of lift overshooting at the top floor. Jerk free, smooth travel is possible by the usage of 2:1 roping. Though smoother, traction lifts travel at higher speeds than drumwound lifts using the same power.


  • Machine Room Height ‘M’-2430, Overhead ( 0.7m/s speed ) ‘O’-3950
  • Pit Depth    ‘P’-    1650, Overhead ( > 0.7 m/s speed ) ‘O’-4600
  • Any number of floors can be served. The Side elevation shows only the Top Floor & Bottom Floor for the respective height requirements..
  • All Door heights will be 2000 clear. Door Lintel Bottom should be at 2150 from FFL.
  • Two side open door is possible at ground floor at the same or different level.
  • Plan for Manual Swing doors / Telescopic doors is different.
  • All Sizes are inside finished dimensions in mm.
  • All Hoistway walls are 230 mm thick Brick or 150 mm RCC walls.

Client’s Scope

  • Entire Civil Structure for the lift shaft including plaster & painting of lift shaft inside.
  • Three Phase Electric Supply.
  • Scaffolding during Lift erection.
  • Provision of sill support, machine support, Lifting beam / hook, pit ladder, etc.
  • Grouting of our holdfasts, Push button Boxes, Door frame members, etc.
  • Machine room will be extended beyond the lift shaft so that machine is approachable from three sides for maintenance.

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Size Table for Goods Lift Dimensions ‘A’ to ‘L’
Max. Load Cabin Inside
‘A’ x ‘B’
Lift Shaft, 2 Options Entrance
Machine Room
‘K’ x ‘L’
One side open
‘C’ x ‘D’
Two side open
‘C’ x ‘D’
Kgs. Width x Length Width x Length Width x Length Width Width x Length
500 1100 x 1200 1600 x 1500 1600 x 1350 900 3000 x 3000
750 1300 x 1500 1800 x 1800 1800 x 1650 1100 3000 x 3000
1000 1400 x 1800 1900 x 2200 1900 x 1950 1200 3000 x 3000
1500 1700 x 2000 2300 x 2400 2300 x 2150 1500 3000 x 3000
2000 1700 x 2500 2300 x 2900 2300 x 2650 1500 3000 x 3000
2500 2000 x 2500 2600 x 2900 2600 x 2650 1800 3000 x 3000
3000 2000 x 3000 2700 x 3400 2700 x 3150 1800 4000 x 3000
4000 2500 x 3000 3200 x 3400 3200 x 3150 2300 4000 x 3000
5000 2500 x 3600 3300 x 3900 3300 x 3960 2300 4000 x 3600


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